SEO for NON-WordPress Sites: A Quick Guide

FI Non WordPress SEO

To enhance the website visibility and accessibility in search engines, CMS platforms often come with multiple add-ons to apply Search Engine Optimization.
In this article, we discuss the differences between WordPress and custom-built websites in terms of SEO techniques. We also explain how to implement SEO for non-WordPress sites. Read more …

20+ On-Page SEO Techniques by IT Specialists

FI On Page SEO Techniques

On-Page SEO is a checklist of tactics and enhancements that can be implemented to online content to achieve higher positions in search engines.
In this article, we present these techniques from an IT specialist point of view. We also show how they work and impact content accessibility by search engines. Read more …

When Keywords Fail! SEO Overview

FI SEO Overview

Despite the 786 MILLION search results Google brings us when searching for “SEO”, the first page is more than enough to shape a perfect idea about this term.
For content creators, it is not just for their content to appear within Google’s results. But certainly to appear within the very first pages. Here is when SEO techniques come into play. Read more …