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FI Free SSL Certificates Lets Encrypt Alternatives

Free SSL Certificates: 4 Alternatives to Let’s Encrypt [Compared]

Installing HTTPS requires obtaining SSL/TLS certificate. This used to be complex and expensive, but thanks to free certificate providers, issuing HTTPS certificates is much easier nowadays. We present and compare the top 5 free SSL/TLS certificate providers in terms of cost, validity, limits, and other details. Read more …
FI LetsEncrypt vs ZeroSSL

ZeroSSL vs Let’s Encrypt: What to Choose?

To implement HTTPS, website owners need to issue an SSL/TLS certificate. Obtaining such certificates used to be difficult and expensive. However, it’s getting much easier and cheaper with the available automated and free certificate providers. In this article, we compare Let’s Encrypt and ZeroSSL certificates in terms of prices, issuing, validity, renewals, and many other aspects. Read more …
FI Disable Website CSS

How to Disable Website CSS Style (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, …)

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a cornerstone of the internet. It is the part that gives websites their final visual representation in the browsers. As a client-side technique, CSS rules can be viewed, modified, and disabled right inside the visitor’s browser. This article describes the most useful techniques to deactivate webpage styles for testing and other purposes. Read more …
FI See Website CSS Style

How to See and Extract CSS of a Website [Practical Guide]

Browsers download and interpret multiple files to properly show a website. These files usually contain HTML elements to structure the webpage, and CSS code to visually display it inside the browser. In most cases, styles alongside other code snippets are embedded inside HTML pages and coupled with other elements. We developed a practical guide with step-by-step instructions to view the CSS style for the whole website, a specific webpage, and a single element inside the page. Read more …
FI Threats For Visiting Unsecure Website

5 Threats May Happen When Visiting Unsecure Website [Explained]

Many people think they are safe as long as they didn’t download anything from the internet. This is unfortunately NOT TRUE. Although most attacks start once the online user accidentally or unknowingly takes an action, some can secretly take place without the user’s knowledge or consent. This article explains the most common threat that may happen when visiting unsecure or malicious websites. Read more …
FI Check If Link Is Safe

10 Indicators To Check If a Link Is SAFE? [With Examples]

Attackers are getting creative at deceiving online users, they pursue simple yet tricky tactics to spread infected links through multiple channels. If the user blindly clicked on a suspicious link, it might put the user’s data, personal information, devices, or financial records at high risk. We developed a comprehensive guide of all tips, tricks, and best practices to assess the safety of web links. Read more …
FI Is HTTP Secure Safe Encrypted

Is HTTP Secure? and Is It Really Safe to Visit HTTP Sites?

HTTP is the primary instrument for navigating the internet, it manages the connection between web browsers and visited websites. HTTP protocol is based on a sequence of request-response messages, where the request holds our data and the response brings back the website content. This article discusses the security concerns of HTTP protocol, how safe it is, and what are the threats of visiting HTTP websites. Read more …
FI Do Developers Copy Paste Code

Do Developers Copy Code? (Numbers from StackOverflow)

Developing software programs usually involves dealing with many common and repetitive problems. These frequently encountered issues can be often found solved elsewhere by someone else. Copying and re-using others’ solutions could easily save hours and maybe days implementing the same solution over and over again. We discuss why developers copy/paste code, when, and how often. We also check to what extent it is legal to copy code from common platforms. Read more …