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What to Expect?

NOW … is a channel to deliver high-quality content, build trust, and help you acquire knowledge in various IT domains.


An informative and services-oriented platform with thoughtfully crafted articles, tools, and IT-based services.

Our Team

We are a team of experienced and highly qualified informatics engineers and researchers.

Technocript is Anonymous:

To maintain a self-standing platform independent of team profiles.

Areas of Expertise

Software Engineering
Cyber Security
Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Content Management Systems
Web Development
Search Engine Optimization

Our Process


We do a comprehensive search to find and assess the most relevant information.

We review and validate all information we find from an expert perspective.


We generate original, high-quality content based on our own experience in the field.

We test various methods and provide customized screenshots, figures, and comparison tables.


We develop, design, and publish final digital products in multiple forms.

We ensure the output is appealing, readable, and accessible across multiple platforms and channels.