Is It Safe To Visit A Website With An Expired Certificate?

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To protect their visitors’ data and sensitive information, websites are required to serve their web pages over HTTPS protocol. This protocol encrypts the communications between web servers and clients (browsers) against Man-in-the-middle Attacks.
The encryption of HTTPS connections is guaranteed by an SSL/TLS certificate. For security reasons, this certificate is usually valid for a specific period, after which the certificate expires and the website owner is required to renew it. Additionally, there are many other reasons that lead to a certificate get expired. Read more …

Does HTTPS (Padlock) Mean a Website is Safe?

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Most websites are required to implement HTTPS protocol to protect their visitors’ information. This is mistakenly seen as proof that the website itself is safe to visit and interact with.
Hackers and cybercriminals are counting on this belief to hide behind HTTPS sites and practice their suspicious online activities. With the anticipation that people think they are safe as long as they have the green padlock activated in their browsers. Read more …

Can You Get Hacked By Watching a YouTube Video?

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YouTube is the most powerful social network for video streaming. The YouTube platform itself is highly secure and maintains advanced protection and safety measures to protect its visitors.
However, due to its popularity and trustworthiness as a service powered by Google, hackers tend to exploit YouTube videos to spread suspicious links to infect visitors’ devices or steal their sensitive information. Thus, although YouTube tends to be highly secure, the experience of watching YouTube videos is not entirely safe. Read more …

20+ On-Page SEO Techniques by IT Specialists

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On-Page SEO is a checklist of tactics and enhancements that can be implemented to online content to achieve higher positions in search engines.
In this article, we present these techniques from an IT specialist point of view. We also show how they work and impact content accessibility by search engines. Read more …