WordPress Developer vs Web Developer: A Detailed Overview

FI WordPress Developer VS Web Developer

A WordPress developer is an experienced programmer, whose work is concentrated on manipulating the WordPress platform to craft websites. Similarly, a web developer is a skilled programmer who can develop websites of different kinds using a variety of web frameworks and technologies.
We explore the difference between WordPress developers and web developers in terms of tasks, salaries, and relation to other job titles. Read more …

Do Professional Web Developers REALLY Use WordPress?

FI Developers Use WordPress

WordPress is certainly one of the most popular content management systems that run the web. Both normal users and programmers rely on it to build websites very efficiently.
We explore why web developers use WordPress, when they use it, and why they need to learn it for their careers. Read more …

13 ACTUAL Reasons Why Developers Hate WordPress

FI Developers Hate WordPress

Without any doubt, WordPress is one of the most powerful content management systems that dominate the web. Though, it is still a nightmare for some web developers who hate it for many reasons.
We discuss the most common aspects that (some) experienced web developers actually hate about WordPress. Regardless of whether they are using it or not. Read more …

5+1 Must Know Languages To Code In WordPress

FI WordPress Programming Languages

Learning how to code in WordPress requires basic (and sometimes advanced) knowledge of the main techniques that were used to build the platform.
In this article, we highlight the most important programming languages and techniques users need to know to start coding in WordPress. Read more …

CMS Without Database: Is Database Necessary for CMS?

FI CMS Without Database

Just like the majority of software systems, content management systems employ a structure of two key components, application and data storage.
A CMS Without Database (or Flat-file CMS) is a content management system that still has an application layer, but it deals with a special type of data storage and processing. Basically, by utilizing formatted files instead of the traditional tabular databases. Read more …

Bluehost Without WordPress: What You Need To Know!

FI Bluehost Without WordPress

sing Bluehost without WordPress is one of the common inquiries on the web. It usually aims at discovering how to publish a website on Bluehost hosting services without utilizing WordPress.
In this article, we explain the difference between Bluehost and WordPress and highlight the multiple ways of using Bluehost without WordPress. Read more …