WordPress Developer vs Web Developer: A Detailed Overview

FI WordPress Developer VS Web Developer

A WordPress developer is an experienced programmer, whose work is concentrated on manipulating the WordPress platform to craft websites. Similarly, a web developer is a skilled programmer who can develop websites of different kinds using a variety of web frameworks and technologies.
We explore the difference between WordPress developers and web developers in terms of tasks, salaries, and relation to other job titles. Read more …

5 Lightweight eCommerce Platforms For Small Businesses

FI Lightweight eCommerce Platforms

The goal of lightweight eCommerce platforms is to enable small and startup businesses to run their online shops easily with no extra effort.
We present a list of the simplest and most lightweight eCommerce platforms that allow small businesses to easily establish their online shops. Read more …

What CMS (and Technologies) Does AMAZON Use?

FI Amazon CMS And Technologies

The tremendous success of Amazon made many of us curious about what content management systems and technologies Amazon use to provide their services. Basically, to inspire by their experience or to build a similar success story.
We try to discover what CMS and technologies that Amazon uses to bring us this great shopping experience. We also list some suggestions for those who look forward to building similar online shops. Read more …

Can I Run WordPress Without MySQL? [With Alternatives]

FI WordPress Without DataBase

Any system or application usually requires minimum software requirements to run properly. Likewise, WordPress clearly asks for a list of “recommendations” that the hosting server should provide in order for the platform to work with no issues.
We explore in this article why every WordPress site should have a database and what alternatives are available for creating a website without a database. Read more …

CMS in Web Design: Types, Features, and Examples

FI Web Content Management System

A content management system (CMS) is software used to help create and manage digital content of various formats. There are multiple types of content management systems, each of which is meant to serve specific purposes or to manage a particular set of online or offline content.
We explore in this article the various types of CMS platforms in web design and when we can use them to build our websites. Read more …

WordPress Without PHP: Does WordPress Require Coding?

FI WordPress Without PHP

Using WordPress without PHP is one of the common questions in the widespread WordPress community. It primarily aims to know if coding is required to build a website in WordPress or not.
In this article, we discuss to what extent PHP and other coding knowledge are required to run a complete WordPress site. Read more …

CMS vs Database: Understanding the Difference

FI CMS vs Database

For specialists and workers in IT domains, the difference between content management systems and databases is quite obvious. However, there is still some confusion among non-technical users about the difference between these two terms.
In this article, we explore the exact meaning and differences between CMSs and databases from multiple perspectives. Read more …

CMS Without Database: Is Database Necessary for CMS?

FI CMS Without Database

Just like the majority of software systems, content management systems employ a structure of two key components, application and data storage.
A CMS Without Database (or Flat-file CMS) is a content management system that still has an application layer, but it deals with a special type of data storage and processing. Basically, by utilizing formatted files instead of the traditional tabular databases. Read more …

How to Check PHP Version in WordPress Without Plugin?

FI Check WordPress Php Version Without Plugin

There is an easy and straightforward method to check the PHP version in WordPress without plugins. By just accessing the default admin panel and without any extra add-ons or technical skills.
In this article, we will find step-by-step how to check PHP version in WordPress without a plugin. Read more …